Healthy Schools

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All food in schools must meet nutritional standards so that children have healthy, balanced diets.

This means there must be:

  • high-quality meat, poultry or oily fish
  • at least 2 portions of fruit and vegetables with every meal
  • bread, other cereals and potatoes

There can’t be:

  • fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolate or sweets in school meals and vending machines
  • more than 2 portions of deep-fried food a week

You can read more about nutritional standards in schools on the School Food Trust website.

To apply for free school meals, follow the link: https://www.gov.uk/apply-free-school-meals


Our Year 1 pupil enjoying a healthy lunch box.


Our Year 1 pupil enjoying a healthy school meal, with lots of vegetables.

At Gorton Mount, we also promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging physical activity. We offer after school activities for children who enjoy sports.


Pupils riding around on the bikes.


Children playing catch.


Children playing on the climbing frame.

Most importantly at Gorton Mount, we promote a healthy mind through our Emotional Literacy lessons. Children learn about different emotions such as respect and independence. They are taught about these emotions in weekly lessons and discussions about the ‘Feeling of the Week’.