1st October
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01 October


October is here already……..


The first four weeks of term have been eventful….. and here I am, at my desk, evaluating them.  Well, some beautiful things have happened, some beautiful things that on first sight look very ordinary.  Christy, in Y6, tied the school laces of a much younger boy without having to be asked, he didn’t just tie them, he taught the child how to do it himself.  Abdullah, now in Y7, came back to school in his high school uniform to tell us how much he is enjoying his lessons and to show me how tall he is or how short I am…. Mrs Brennan got married and turned 50 all on the same day last week!  Our new teachers, without exception, all look happy and settled.  We’ve built a duck pond for our three ducks that hatched in Reception last spring. Junior cleared up the flood from the summer and we opened on time for the start of the year with only a hint of earth pervading the corridors!  Ms Jones, Ms Rosario, Mrs Lowe and Mrs Syed have all had babies and assure me that they will be coming back to school soon. Student teachers visited us last week and expressed their admiration for the skills of our wonderful Y1 team.  Each Friday since the start of term, Good Work assembly has showcased wonderful writing, maths, art, RE, history, geography and music work from the children for their peers.


Perhaps the most beautiful thing of all is the excitement and concentration that fill each classroom on a daily base.  It is the greatest pleasure of my day to walk into classrooms and see this.  Pupil books are full of work showing the progress and industry of each child.  Lessons are exciting from World War 1 art in Y6 to Spanish in (and out) of all classrooms. I asked Hannah in Y6 what she was talking about so loudly this afternoon as she walked to her music lesson, “I’m talking about our work in class; it was really good.”  And yes, this is how school should be for every child but this  makes it no less beautiful; perhaps we should look at what should happen every day more often and step back to enjoy it.


This evening as he was leaving school, Rayan asked me if I would like to see his impression of a frog, ‘Of course’ I said and he put a plastic dragonfly in his mouth, snapping his lips shut on it and then laughing.   Rayan loves to read.  And after four weeks into term, I’m happy he wants to show me what he has read about and I am even more pleased that he is doing this on his way home from school!   I will be spending at least part of my evening looking for something about dragonflies and frogs to share with Rayan tomorrow.   Sometimes the most ordinary things are, in fact, the things that tell you most about what a person is thinking and feeling and, in our case, how a school is working.


Carol Powell

01 October 2013


Good Work assembly is a celebration of our weeks work and enthusiasms.  It happens each Friday at 9am for Y1 and 2 and 10am for Y3,4,5 and 6.  Parents and Carers are always welcome – we always have an extra chair for you.


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